5 Tips for Women Wanting to enter the Workplace After a Career Break

October 14, 2022

There are many personal and professional reasons why women might temporarily stop working. Most women take time off from their careers to care for their families. Returning to work after a hiatus, for whatever reason, can be an intimidating prospect. A new job can make you feel emotionally fragile, and you may be concerned that your rusty skills will hold you back.

The first thing you need to keep when entering the job market again is your self-assurance, so keep that intact before you dive into the top 5 tips we've compiled for you.

Keep upskilling and learning something new
The pace with which most industries are evolving is seriously concerning. Every six to eight months, the technology that most businesses are built on changes in a big way. It makes sense to keep your skills up-to-date so that you can keep getting jobs. Enroll in a crash course or get certified. Many of these skills can be learned online today.

Be confident and put yourself at ease
Getting back to work is great news, and it may be the best choice you can make right now. Make sure you keep your confidence intact. You need this more than anything else right now if you want to put yourself in a position to be hired for the job that best suits your skills and experience. You should not feel ashamed or guilty. Taking care of young children or elderly relatives is a noble goal. If during that time you learned something new or got new credentials, that's fantastic!

Do not stop networking
If you were unable to maintain any kind of peer contact during your sabbatical, this is the best time to start networking. Get coffee with them and check out their LinkedIn profile to see what they're up to. You might want to get involved with a new LinkedIn or Facebook group or get back in touch with old friends. The point is to remind people who you are to get your job search going again in the industry.

Be interview ready
Even a short time, such as a few months, can bring about significant shifts in a market. You should prepare yourself well for interviews by reading up on your industry so that you don't look like you're behind the times. Reading possible questions asked during an interview within your domain helps. This could help you figure out what parts of your field have changed recently, so you can be ready for any problems that may come up. If you've prepared well for an interview, you'll feel more confident going in, and that will show to the interviewer.

Revisit your Resume/CV
You should be able to see your self-assurance in your resume, so revise it so that it does. Make sure to use relevant, up-to-date industry jargon and highlight any experiences you've had that have helped you in the past. Check out employer requirements posted on job listing sites like Reecruit to see if they match up with your experience, and take time to revise your resume to reflect that.

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