Decoding IT recruitment supply and demand

September 7, 2022

By 2024, Sweden alone is expected to have a shortage of 70,000 IT/Tech professionals, according to a recent TechSverige report, proving that there is a bigger gap between supply and demand than ever across the globe.Stay with us as we delve deeper into this domain to learn more about the IT sector's demand and supply gap and how we are assisting companies in bridging it.

Defying the supply and demand dilemma in IT hiring

While the covid-19 pandemic hurt employment across most industries globally, the tech sector was one that benefited from this global crisis. The wave of change brought on by technology is largely responsible for the shift. A greater need for tech-skilled resources has resulted from this heightened demand for technology. In order to streamline processes and hire the best talent available, world-class companies are currently refocusing their IT improvement plans. As the IT industry grows, every sector looks for digitally-driven business solutions to enhance user experiences. Companies are making every effort to hire the best tech talent and adjust to the rapidly changing industry. Technological advancements and rapid digitalization are quickly making traditional job profiles obsolete in light of market demands.

Overcoming the talent challenges in IT

Hiring talented IT professionals, particularly ERP certified candidates, is getting harder and harder. To ensure that a company can continue to advance in the future, ERP employers must work incredibly hard to find the best ERP talent. Talented ERP job seekers are in high demand and are rarely open for an extended period of time. You will never be able to hire the top ERP talent if your company's hiring department takes weeks to review the resumes of job seekers, set up interviews, and finish the necessary paperwork.ERP employers may occasionally have to wait several months before conducting a search for and hiring the best candidates and their current employees may have trouble keeping up with the workload during this time. If you can give the new hires better working opportunities than they have at their current place of employment, you can hire the best employees for your company. If you want to hire qualified candidates, you must conduct an analysis and present them with special job opportunities and benefits. If you can't come up with better plans for finding the best employees, your business may suffer. IT personnel are in high demand among businesses. Simply put, the technological sector is expanding too quickly, and ERP job seekers are receiving more alluring compensation packages. An important factor in the hiring process is salary. Paying your employees enough money is necessary if you want talented people to work for your company. When you offer compensation that is below the level of the current market, you cannot reasonably expect to hire the best employees.


Hiring freshers means investing a lot of time and money to train them and hoping that they will work as expected. Even after paying for training for months, the issue still persists because a candidate's long-term dependability cannot be guaranteed. From 2020 to 2030, it is anticipated that employment in the IT sector will grow by 13%, outpacing the average for all occupations. In the rapidly expanding tech industry, Reecruit bridges the gap between the demand and supply for IT professionals.

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