Decoding Top 10 SAP Certification Myths

September 27, 2022

Implementing an SAP module is challenging and complex. We at Reecruit believe that one needs the right skills and experience working with SAP systems to manage SAP modules. To demonstrate one's expert knowledge in the global market, the SAP certification is crucial. Many people have used it to succeed in their professional endeavors.

Even though earning an SAP certification has many advantages, there are some common myths and misconceptions about it. Our goal at Reecruit in our latest blog is to debunk the most common myths about SAP certification.

SAP certification ensures instant placements
SAP certification is not a magic piece of paper that will guarantee instant placement. After receiving a dozen SAP certificates, there are still many idle people. The supply is excessive, and if it were to significantly increase, demand would correspondingly decline.

SAP Certification guarantees a higher pay package
An SAP certification alone won't guarantee a high-paying job. The intense competition in the professional world is the only explanation for the same. Practical experience should be prioritized over hoping for a higher salary during the first few months of employment.

SAP certification is the pinnacle of your professional career
The pinnacle of one's career does not have to be SAP Certification. Customers needs are constantly changing, and to be a successful SAP expert, you must hold multiple SAP certifications.

Learn SAP to only land a job
One should learn SAP not just to get a job but also to gain sufficient domain knowledge in the specific field. If you only want to learn SAP for certification and employment, this probably isn't the right career path. Instead, learn SAP with a passion.

An SAP certification guarantees you a job in your current location
You might not always get the job in your area or your current location with an SAP Certification. These things function based on supply and demand. If the supply in your immediate area is abundant, you might need to search for other locations where demand is high but supply is low.

Obtaining certification will help you fulfill your obligations to customers
Once more, each customer is unique, and so are their expectations. To fulfill a customer,s commitment, one needs both certification and practical experience.

Your interview will go well if you have SAP certification
The certificate only demonstrates that you possess the necessary knowledge to pass the exam. It undoubtedly aids in gaining a basic understanding of the subject, but it may not always be useful in interviews due to varying expectations among interviewers..

An SAP certification opens up contract-related job
If someone is paying you to do their work, they will undoubtedly have high standards for you. Your certification may not always lead to employment in the contract industry as there are much higher standards for contract work, you should assess your aptitude for the positions.

SAP certification will immediately land you a high-paying position
Another major myth. You will only receive solid system functionality knowledge from the certification. These things require practice and time. Gaining enough experience will undoubtedly increase your pay.

SAP certification will yield a profitable investment
Software is peculiar in that it changes quickly. In the years to come, the knowledge that is currently relevant will seem completely out of date. Many certificates are now nothing more than antiques as a result of technological advancement. Therefore, you might not get a good return on investment from every certification. A good return isn't always possible, but it does help you learn the fundamentals of the work.

We at Reecruit firmly believe that SAP requires certification and domain knowledge. Therefore, let the myths remain myths and put all your efforts into obtaining the certification and the required domain knowledge if you want to succeed and prosper in your SAP career. Reecruit's goal is to help its clients find qualified candidates with relevant industry experience.

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