How to transform yourself from a fresher to an expert SAP Consultant?

September 27, 2022

Today, SAP is the third-largest independent software producer in the world and the global leader in enterprise applications. There are numerous job opportunities for IT professionals to enter this market and develop a fruitful and successful career, with customers in 190 different countries. A candidate who began his career as an SAP fresher will not be able to become an expert SAP consultant overnight. It takes a lot of effort, hard work, and expertise to become an expert SAP consultant. 

We at Reecruit believe that to survive and succeed in today's world of fierce and constant competition, everyone must work hard and constantly upgrade themselves. Staying current with the latest technologies is one of the requirements for advancing our careers.

What it takes to be an expert SAP consultant
As with any demanding profession, being an expert SAP consultant involves several areas where you will need to put in constant effort to develop the level of expertise necessary to succeed in the SAP Consulting space and establish yourself as a recognized SAP authority.

A solid and impressive educational background
Studying at top business schools is not a requirement for a good education. A person's inner spirit will always drive them to learn new things, including technologies, subjects, and skills. Any profession that relies on knowledge has a great foundation in strong education. Always push yourself to enroll in the most challenging professional courses and aim for the newest, most experimental professional courses. It is impossible to develop into an excellent SAP consultant unless you have a strong desire to learn and educate yourself.

Communication skill
As an expert SAP consultant, your ability to communicate effectively with multiple stakeholders will determine 90% of your career success. Never undervalue the impact of effective communication in your career. Not everyone would be gifted with excellent communication abilities. Everything depends on your innate abilities, upbringing, education, and other factors. If you believe you lack them, work on developing them gradually. Being an SAP consultant, you should always learn to speak both business language and technical language. Communication skills go beyond simply speaking in English. Always use business language when speaking to clients when you interact with them.

Professional networking and social networks are the foundation of 21st-century networking. Anyone without access to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn is impossible to imagine. You should have a profile on LinkedIn, the best professional network site, and keep it updated. Your profile is a snapshot of your abilities, credentials, and other accomplishments. People frequently use LinkedIn to search for people when you mention their names. If you don't have a LinkedIn account, people will assume you are either a fake or don't exist.

Configuration Skills
The most crucial skills for any SAP consultant are configuration skills. You should be an expert not only in system configuration but also in understanding the effects from the perspective of the end user. Your ability to configure and adhere to end-user and business process documents will inspire a lot of confidence. As a result, make an effort to compile configuration documents and practice as much as you can. Exploring the system's options gives you the confidence you need because troubleshooting abilities are crucial for a career in SAP consulting.

Develop expertise
Although you may be concentrating on one of the many SAP modules, it can be useful for you to understand the fundamental operations of the other modules as well. Diversifying your areas of expertise is crucial, and staying current on developments across all SAP modules will help. Also, exploring modules outside of your field of expertise is regarded as a strength as your professional development continues. Improve your understanding of application functionality and architectural optimization.

One of the most important jobs that demand commitment, effort, and hard work is being an expert SAP consultant. If you too, want to become one, continue to add business knowledge to your learnings and skills. All of these abilities will be crucial to your development and help you turn into a competent SAP expert.

We at Reecruit understand how it feels for an organization to hire new SAP consultants, investing time and money in training them and hoping that they will follow standard operating procedures. We believe you are already interested in learning how Reecruit can assist you in hiring expert SAP consultants as well as a plethora of top IT talents. 

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