Staffing Firm's Top Recruitment Challenges in 2022

July 19, 2022

After nearly two years of disruption, employers and staffing firms now have a chance to pause, reflect, and reset. Many of the changes have been beneficial, but others have introduced a whole new set of issues. If the Great Resignation's recruitment recovery and high turnover dominated last year, retention and culture will be the focus in 2022.

What are the challenges faced?

1. Rely on the expertise of staffing service providers who are familiar with the job market and hiring trends. In order to attract top talent, you must prioritize the candidate's experience. This entails making the recruitment process as straightforward and comfortable as possible. You risk alienating good candidates and missing out on job opportunities if you don't. To improve your system, streamline tasks like candidate engagement and contact, recruitment process management, recruitment marketing, and more.

2. The staffing firms have admitted to having difficulty finding qualified applicants for open positions. The talent shortage has been identified as one of the biggest challenges that businesses will face in 2022. Employers and staffing firms should focus on strategies that are tailored to the needs and habits of this new generation of job seekers in order to solve this problem.

3. Many recruitment strategies fail due to a lack of data-driven planning and outdated practices. Hiring solely based on a skills list without regard for cultural fit, for example, can be detrimental to a collaborative work environment. Without first conducting a thorough background check on performance and behavior, signing a contract could lead to future conflicts within your company.

4. Passive candidates are those who are employed but interested in new opportunities. They are not actively seeking new employment. Marketers must learn to identify passive candidates and how to tap into their networks if they want to find qualified applicants without having to work harder than ever before. Another largely untapped demographic is females to fill historically male-dominated roles in industries like engineering and manufacturing.

5. An HR team's time and money are wasted due to inefficient recruitment processes and task duplication. It can take hours, if not days, to sift through hundreds of candidates and review resumes. You will merely waste even more time, money, and manpower by inviting unqualified candidates to face-to-face interviews.

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