What staffing and recruitment trends can be seen in 2022?

July 19, 2022

Staffing and retaining talent is going to be a challenge for all businesses: those who have recovered well from the pandemic and the ones who are still recovering. The pandemic and a widening skills gap are two of the most significant contributors to this growing problem. A "fundamental mismatch" exists between the skills needed to fill vacant positions and the skills of potential employees. Thankfully, this "perfect storm" has resulted in a slew of highly effective recruiting strategies. Many of these trends are already incorporated into staffing services for a limited scope. Companies of all sizes are now breaking into the mainstream as they compete for a limited number of skilled professionals across all industries.

Noticeable Trends

Many staffing firms and others are now proactively engaging candidates, which is perhaps the most unusual of the emerging hiring trends. While this has long been a standard procedure for filling C-suite executive positions, it was rarely used for entry-level positions. Passive recruiting is no longer as effective as it once was, many staffing firms encourage companies to implement proactive engagement strategies. The labor skills gap is to blame for this inefficiency. Applicants are now contacted early and often during the hiring process by proactive human resources staff. They try to form relationships with these candidates in order to persuade them to work for them rather than for their competitors. As the available talent pool catches up with the demand for skilled labor, expect this trend to continue.

Advanced Screening Techniques 

The use of advanced screening tools is next on our list of emerging recruiting trends. Despite the fact that skills tests and other evaluation tools have been around for decades, many companies still screen applicants by reviewing resumes and conducting interviews. While these strategies have their advantages, they do not provide quantifiable information about a candidate's skills and abilities. Employers can use skills tests to more effectively screen candidates and speed up the hiring process. Companies are racing to offer employment opportunities to qualified candidates before they find a job elsewhere, so streamlining has become critical. Skills tests can also be used to weed out people who aren't qualified. Some companies are incorporating behavioral assessments into their screening process in addition to skills tests. Behavioral assessments give employers insight into an applicant's core characteristics, such as work ethic and motivation.

Offering Remote Work to Attract Candidates

The pandemic hastened the transition to remote and hybrid work significantly. To entice candidates to accept a position with the company, some companies now offer remote working opportunities through staffing firms. Working from home is preferred by many professionals because it eliminates the need to commute. Employers benefit from offering remote work because it can be a deciding factor for candidates who have received multiple job offers. Furthermore, remote work has been shown to boost employee morale and satisfaction.

Concentrate on D&I

It is well understood that having a culturally diverse workforce can help to foster innovation, increase creativity, and increase profitability. Business leaders will focus more on diversity and inclusion efforts in the coming year. This focus will include the use of cutting-edge candidate evaluation tools that aim to eliminate bias in the hiring and recruiting process.

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